The Reason I believe in the Power of Words

Igniting minds & souls

I believe that words, when used constructively, can change the world for the better. But, the same force of words, when used destructively, can ruin it. So, always choose your words with wisdom!

Things that sums me up


CEO, Research2Systems

Always keen about research and analytics, I founded Research2Systems, an organization that rests on Data Analytics & Market Research.

Political Analyst

With Social Activism at heart

With a perpetual zeal to transform the nation, I believe in addressing issues that give voice to the thoughts of millions.

Author & Speaker

You are what your words are

Besides writing scores of articles, blogs and authoring a book, I have spoken on grave social issues on channels like Aaj Tak, CNBC-TV18 and NDTV.

Sadhavi's New Book Is Now Available

Punjab, The Enemies Within
Punjab today has hundreds of stories to share, people here have thousands of tears to shed, each one fighting a battle of their own. But words fall short when you witness more than what you could have ever perceived. This book, an account of Punjab’s past and present, raises questions about its future.

Fading Glory-Punjab Hope Not Lost

My Documentary on Drugs in Punjab
Shocked at the revelation of the drug abuse problem that has been slaying Punjab for the past many decades, I decided to create awareness about the same, through my documentary on Punjab’s drug menace, named “Fading Glory – Punjab, Hope Not Lost”.

Let’s talk about ‘India’

Connecting with like-minded people who wish to see a progressive India is something I am always ready for. Care to share some thoughts about the social issues that the country is facing? Let’s talk!